Why Closing Gifts?


Start thinking of your closing gift the moment you’ve met your clients.  When you are in the market for the best closing gifts, you often ask yourself “what should I give my clients?”.  Let me give you 5 reasons why you should give a closing gift.

  1. Your client will remember you after close of escrow.
  2. Great way to obtain future referrals from a client you already have.
  3. Potential increase on your business with your referrals you will obtain.
  4. Your client will NEVER forget you, your name or the company you represent.
  5. A tax deduction especially if you put your company logo on it.  I’m not a tax expert so consult your CPA on this.

Keep in mind that you should give the gift that is memorable in itself.  Personalizing and customizing any gift will do the trick!  Here are some ideas on what to personalize on your closing gift.


  1. The family name of your client.
  2. The closing date of escrow – the official date they own the home.  This is especially fabulous when is it the client’s first home.
  3. The street address (not the city or state).  For example, 123 Walnut Way
  4. “Welcome to your new home”
  5. Congratulations from “your name”
  6. “Welcome Home!”
  7. “Thank you from “your name””
  8. “Home is Where the Heart is”
  9. “No Place Like Home”
  10. Monogram of the letter of the client’s last name

Personalize the gift with at least 2 lines.  What you don’t want is a closing gift that is short-lived.  A closing gift should not take away from the tradition of keeping in touch with your clients throughout the years such as sending a note or a birthday card.  But your first impression of “thank you” (in my opinion) should be a lasting one.  Check out a few links below on some of the closing gifts I would like to receive from my realtor.



Pinterest gives you plenty of ideas for anything handmade either by you or by someone else.  The idea is go out and get one!  You can never go wrong when give a gift.  Because a gift always provides the recipient the message of that you thought of them more than just a client.  Now are there “cons” to provide a closing gift?  Well, again in my opinion” … yes.  It is one more additional step to do when closing the deal.  But when you want to stay connected, doing that extra step can mean the difference between a “top sales realtor” to just a “realtor”.








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