Wholesale vs Retail Sales Dilemma

Wholesale vs Retail

Small business are always challenged whether they should dive into the wholesale market or stay in the retail front?  I’ll tell you the difference.  Retail is one time sell.  You hope for repeat business, but they are usually a small percentage of your sales.  Wholesale is repeat business.  Especially if you sell to the right wholesale customer that would move your products on a consistent monthly basis.  Think about it, if you don’t have a storefront, you are most likely shlepping your products to arts and crafts shows to sell or pop up events.  With wholesale, you wait for the reorders through emails or phone calls inside the comfort of your office or workshop.  Or in most cases, your home based business.

There’s always your online store where you would market and brand your company through the social networking world.  Totally doable especially if you hire someone to do it for you.  Selling wholesale is a no brainer in my mind.  Unless of course you want to go to shows each week, each month to make your monies.  I think it’s exhausting doing that.  Wholesale is definitely the way to go.  If you are up to the challenge, do all three – retail shows, wholesale and online.  More ways to make money.  Who doesn’t want that?

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