Where Can You Find Handmade Wedding Gifts

Seeking the right wedding gift is always a challenge.  But you cannot go wrong when it comes from the heart and that a thought process came along with it.  For that I say, buy handmade, unique, one of a kind and local.  Here are a few tips of what direction you may want to go in buying a handmade wedding gift.

Handmade Wedding Gift

Handmade Wedding Gift

1.  Buy your wedding gift that is functional yet can be cherished.  Like a my guide.  Any new couple can use a fabulous cutting board to add to their new home … new kitchen together.  Handmade pillow cases with their names sew on.  Make the pillow cases the colors of their wedding.  Maybe …. maybe not, but it is something to think about.

2.  Personalized it.  Have it engraved with their first names and wedding date.  Add a saying like “To the Auspicious Couple” or something like that.  Personalized it where you know they will chuckle about it and know that it hits home.

3.  Here’s a few resources you can check out for great ideas.  (a) Etsy is always a fabulous start.  Search “wedding gifts” and find the store that resonants with you.  (b) Pinterest is also another great website to find inspirations on DIY (Do it Yourself) or simply buying it outright.



  1. Jacob Wadsworth says:

    I think the most important and even generous gift that guests could give the couples are kitchen supplies. These things can be expensive but can really be useful.

    • Mac Cutting Boards says:

      I agree. The kitchen is a great place to start your list of what you need on a daily basis. Functional and practical gifts always goes a long way.