What is the Right Cutting Board for You?

Mac Cutting BoardsStuck on what cutting board to buy?  How to pick from the variety of options that are out there?  Check out my top 5 guidelines to consider when selecting the right cutting board for you.

1.  Choose plastic or wood.  That’s it.  Narrow the choices.  Make your life way easier.

2.  If your choice is plastic, ask yourself why do you want to buy a plastic cutting board.  Lightweight, easy maintenance and functional are all what you should consider.  Not style.  Generally, plastic comes in different colors, maybe some design but in the end, it is still a plastic cutting board.

3.   If your choice is wood, YAY!  First, make sure you select a HARDWOOD cutting board.  Soft woods can be too soft and will not be able to withstand long term usage.  There are varieties of hardwoods out there for you to select – maple, cherry, walnut and mahogany hardwoods are just a few common hardwoods available.  More exotics woods are purple heart, brazilian cherry, padauk, yellow heart and koa hardwoods.  Also, wood is a natural fighter of bacteria.  Check out this article from the University of Wisconsin.  It is a study about how wood cutting boards are safer than plastic cutting boards.

4.   Consider weight and size.  What will you be using it for?  Serving cheese at your next wine and cheese party?  Perhaps, carving a roasted turkey or prime rib at a family function?  Or maybe you are an avid BBQer and just need a hearty chopping board next to you to slice, dice and cut your meats the way you want it.  Either way, it can make the difference from selecting a my guide or an extra large cutting board.

5.  Why are you buying a new cutting board?  A gift?  To replace your old one?  Think about the style and colors you like or the person/family you are buying for.  Kitchen decor and taste is also a consideration.  Do you want it to match or simply stand out?  My advice is pick the cutting board that you find aesthetically pleasing to you and go with it.  More than likely, everyone else will feel the same when they see the new cutting board in your kitchen.

In the end, you want to select a cutting board that you feel good about.  Get bragging rights to a fabulous cutting board that everyone will wonder where you got it.  Now that’s worth your time finding the right cutting board for you.


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