What are the Makings of a Good Cutting Board

What makes a good wooden cutting board?  Durability?  Construction?  Integrity of the materials?  Longetivity?  Design?  Well, I say all of them.  Nothing beats having a great product made with great materials.  A wooden cutting board is no exception to that rule.


Let me tell you how a good wooden cutting board should be made and what to look for.

End grain chopping board made with purple heart, maple and walnut hardwoods.

End Grain Cutting Board


1.  Make sure the cutting board is made with hard woods.  Period.  Some examples of hard woods are maple, mahogany, walnut, purple heart and cherry.  Hard woods are a natural fighter of bacteria.  Any bacteria on its wooden surface will be eliminated.


2.  Construction of the cutting board.  Was it made with FDA approved glue?  How reputable is the maker?  Did you purchase it for a wood craftsman?  It is important you find out how your cutting board was made to know how long it will last.  A good wood cutting board can last up to 25 years if taken care of properly and made well.


Edge Grain Cutting Boards

Edge Grain Cutting Boards

3.  Design.  Well, that’s all on personal taste.  There are many cutting boards out there made with one solid color wood or may two solid color woods.  Some are made end-grain style and some are made edge-grain style.  Make a list of what is important to you when choosing your design of a cutting board.  Strength and longevity should be at the top.  To me that’s the hardest to filter.  Picking a design, that’s easy.  Find the one that pops out at you!


  1. Marcia says:

    Such an interesting and poignant blog. The type and quality of a cutting board is so important to the safety of the food we prepare and serve. An example is chicken, a food product that is so vulnerable to bacteria. A good quality cutting board, such as described in this blog, is as important as cooking temperature, cleanliness of food preparation areas, and other factors. Healthy food is sustained by natural food preparation products such as Mac Cutting Boards. Thank you for caring.

    • Thank you Marcia for your comments! I appreciate the overview you had just provided in what I wrote in my blog. I’ve learned so much not only about cutting boards but the importance of having the right one especially when used as a tool for cooking.