Wedding Gift Ideas Personalized and Custom Made

Custom Made Wedding Gift

Custom Made Wedding Gift

Shop and think beyond what you believe a wedding gift should be.  Yes there is the bridal registry that is your standard “go to”.  How about using the bridal registry as a start of what you can get the beautiful bride and groom … which is a fabulous, unique, personalized and custom made wedding gift.  Handmade is always a great choice.  Handmade by YOU is even better.  But you can always buy your custom made wedding gift from talented artists out there.  Here are a few wedding gift ideas to consider.

  • Custom engrave cutting board – seriously!  What couple would not love this especially if you have their names and wedding date engraved on it.  It will be an heirloom!
  •  Wedding tree guestbook framed and on a canvas.  Totally unique way of having your guests sign in.  How about giving them a polaroid camera to go with their framed guestbook so that they can take pictures on their guests as they come in.  Great way to remember how they look on the couple’s special day.
  • Invitation picture frame with all their information from the invitation on a frame for the couple to hang up in their new home together.  Add family names from both side and/or wedding party (if there is room).

Looking for more?  Check out Etsy.  You cannot go wrong.  So many awesome ideas!



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