Vintage Wall Mounted Bottle Openers

Bottle OpenersDid you know that there are several different varieties of bottle openers?  Who knew?  They are:

Guinness Wall Mounted Bottle OpenerThere are new ones you can get on the internet and in stores and they are ones that are vintage and antique.  These are the ones my husband and I LOVE to collect!  All serves the same purpose which is removes the bottle cap from the bottle you want to drink from.  So what is so unique about a wall mounted bottle opener?  Convenience and great to look at when you get the right style and design for your home or as a gift.  It is also very personal.  You have to know what they like.  Right?  They may like a specific kind of soda, a kind of beer or a drink.  Are they in public service such as a fireman or served in our armed forces like the Navy or Marines?  How about a world traveler, Belize, Panama, Cuba, Venezuela or Ireland?  Or they may just LOVE a store such as Home Depot.

Whatever you choose, rest assure you or the person you are gifting it to would absolutely LOVE THEM!  A novelty item with a purpose!  Now that’s pretty awesome!

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