Valentine’s Day as Your Wedding Day and Night

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Now that’s a fabulous idea!  What better way to celebrate your nuptials than on the most celebrated couple’s day of the year, right? What a great, easy theme to work with hearts everywhere on your invitations, napkins, favors and so on.  But what do you get your significant other to say “I love you” on your special day?  Yes, you should consider buying a gift for one another.  Not only are you going to spend the rest of your lives together, but you should start it off right by presenting a gift.

Here’s a few suggestions.

  1.  Custom engraved cutting board monogrammed with the initial your last names together and your last names spelled out and simple saying “you are loved”.  Present it when you come home.  Have it there at your new house displayed in your kitchen.  Great way to welcome you!
  2. Decorate the room you will be staying at on your wedding night.  Get bags and bags of rose petals and spread it throughout the room.  Make heart shapes everywhere … the bed, the bathtub, the shower, the living room, the walk way.  After all, it is Valentine’s Day and your wedding night!  Make sure the room smells like roses when you guys enter it.  Make sure he/she enters first.
  3. Have the best bottle of champagne or wine or liquor ready for you guys to open – chilled by the hotel.



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