Valentine’s Day and a Handmade Gift | Custom Engrave Cutting Board

Valentine’s Day is a traditional yearly holiday dedicated to couples.  Awesome!  A day that you can officially celebrate with your SPOUSE or SPICE of your life.  And everywhere you go, businesses (especially restaurants) celebrate right back with you with having roses and champagne ready for the couples to enjoy the start of their evening.  It really doesn’t matter what day of the week Valentine’s falls on.  Every couple out there celebrates no matter what.  The challenge is usually the following: (1) where to go to celebrate Valentine’s Day either dinner or a getaway (2) what to buy as a gift.  Am I right?

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Gifts are generally subjective.  But I do say find the right gift for the love of your life even if you think it’s a little corny.  Find out what makes them happy.  Pay attention to their face when they light up each and every time they see something.  That would give you an idea what to get as a gift.  Of course, you always have the chocolate and flowers as the good ‘ole standby but I say be creative.  Get something handmade or make it yourself.  Nothing says “I Love You” than a handmade gift.  Do they cook?  How about a handmade cutting board?  Just a thought.


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