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Get a Cutting Board as a Closing Gift

Custom engraved cutting boards

Closing Gift IdeasLet’s face it, a kitchen is not a kitchen without a cutting board, right?  The one essential tool (along side a knife and a pot) that you need in order to function properly in that space inside your client’s new home.  A cutting board shouldn’t just be dull or boring.  Bring it to life by engraving it!  Yes!  A custom engraved cutting board not only says “thank you” for your business, but it creates a lasting relationship for years to to come!  Plastic couldn’t do that.

A custom engraved cutting board can function is a variety of ways.  Check it out.

Custom engraved cutting board1. Retirement gift – great way to say “thank you” for all the years of service they gave.  What an heirloom it would be for that employee.  Guarantee, they will display it and not use it.

2. Birthday gift or graduation gift – need I say more?  For the cooks that love to cook.  Perfect!  For those BBQers out there, the larger the cutting board the better!

3. Anniversary or wedding gift – best handmade gift you can get!  Who else is going to think outside the wedding registry?

So the next time you’re looking at options for closing gifts, think of the “WOW FACTOR” and consider a custom engraved cutting board.  It will look fabulous!