Repurposing An Old Sewing Machine

Non Electric Sewing MachineThese past few months, Bart and I go out and “pick”.  I guess we are “pickers” but just on the weekend.  We do not even claim to know what we are doing when we are out there picking.  Usually, we find people’s junk that they want to throw out and determine if they are our treasures.  And we found just that … a treasure … the old non-electric sewing machine.  All in all, they are not worth much as they are in abundance.  Each garage sale we go to, you can almost always find an old non-electric sewing machine stored away.  Usually have some personal connection to them.  “It’s my grandmother’s sewing machine.”  “I remember when my mom sewed our clothes on this.”  Hence, they are still in storage.  No one wants to throw it away.  But I say, don’t throw away or sell it at a garage sale.  Instead consider repurposing it.  Here’s what Mac Cutting Boards has done.

Refurbished Non Electric Sewing Machine1. Took apart the machine and left the stands.

2. Added our custom made butcher block on top of the machine and secure it.

3. Voila!  It’s a banquet table or a cutting board or a display table.  Whatever you like!  It’s a fabulous idea to repurpose a piece of nostalgic furniture that has sentimental value and reuse it to your convenience.




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