Planning a Fabulous Killer Event

Planning any event takes time, precision, planning, logistics, help and execution.  Usually, guests just don’t see the details of how an event gets put together.

All the energy it takes to make it a memorable, flawless event is absolutely exhausting but totally worthwhile when you see your guests enjoying themselves and hearing about the rave reviews afterwards.  But how to you get there?  Where do you start?  What is your budget?  What are you celebrating?

I’ve have a few tips on what you need to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Start with a theme.  Sit down, buffet, picnic style, casual?
  2. I’ve already mention this, but what are you celebrating?
  3. Recruit help that you trust … you just need 1 or 2.  The more the merrier.
  4. Color scheme – very important.  It will be the foundation of how you decorate the create the atmosphere.
  5. Food – another important item.  Keep it simple though.  Potlucks typically don’t work.  Bring an overall food theme to the party.  pasta, Mexican food, seafood … you get the picture.
  6. Location location location
  7. Guests guests guests
  8. Number number number
  9. Think of your party flow from start to finish.  Write the details down and run it through your mind.
  10. Put all this on paper.  Chances are you’ll miss something and you’ll chance it when it’s on paper.

Happy planning!


  1. Laura Philpot says:

    I’m looking for Trophies for our annual King of the County BBQ. We need 3 per category, 3 categories each day, 2 day event.

    I would like them to say
    “King of the County BBq 2017”
    1st, 2nd & 3rd place Chicken
    Chefs Choice

    Can you give an idea of pricing?