Made in California | Handmade Wood Cutting Boards

So much emphasis these days are put into where and what products are made from.  I don’t blame them.  Even more importance is supporting our very own – United States made.  More and more Americans are driven to purchase their products made here in our own country.  A step above supporting our very own is repurposing, upcycling (taking unused scrap parts to recreate it into a new product) and recycling pieces to create a functional item you can use.

Repurpose and Upcycle Wood Cutting Boards

Repurpose and Upcycle Wood Cutting Boards

One of those repurposed products is our handmade wood cutting boards.  Our boards are made from unused scrap hardwoods.  Factory scraps we get from cabinet and furniture makers, hardwood flooring installers and anyone who works with hardwoods all have unused scraps that they would have thrown away or burn.  They have no use for these pieces anymore so why keep them around?  Mac Cutting Boards takes those unused pieces and create a functional, every day use item such as a cutting board.  Better yet, they are all made in the United States and specifically made in California.

Supporting locally made handmade products used for home decor, gardening, your wardrobe creates a huge economy for United States made products.  I’m a big proponent to supporting buying handmade.  You should check it out.  Start with Etsy and browse.  You’ll be amazed with what you’ll find.


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