Mac Cutting Boards at SobeWFF

Two years ago this month, our small company went to Miami, Florida to be in the South Beach Food & Wine Festival SOBEWFF.  What an experience!  We were completely star strucked!  We met famous celebrity chefs such as Guy Fieri, Geoffrey and Margaret ZakarianAarón Sánchez, and much more!  We had no idea what to expect.  We spent our time and energy putting together custom engraved cutting boards with their logos for celebrity chefs to take with them in hopes for some recognition.  You can call it a marketing for us.  It was a stretch.  After all, we’re a “mom and pop” small business with ambition to grow like all small businesses.

How did it go? Well, we didn’t hear from anyone really in the months to come.  We gave away our boards, met these wonderful people and had a great time in Miami, Florida.  Later that year, the Zakarians decided to reach out and asked us to make their Christmas gifts for their friends and family … our custom engrave cutting boards designed just for them!  The following year, we made more cutting boards for their Valentine’s dinner at the Lamb’s Club and they loved it!  This year, we’re looking into potentially doing more custom engraved cutting boards for a variety of events they and their partners will be doing all year long.  So, the moral of the story, plant a seed in your garden, you just need to believe it will grow into something beautiful.

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