How to Order Your Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Heart Shaped Cutting Boards

Heart Shaped Cutting Boards

Ordering online, over the phone or in person can sometimes be challenging especially if you are customizing your product for a gift or for yourself.  Often times, we know what we want Sometimes we don’t.  Take ordering a handmade wood cutting board from Mac Cutting Boards.  We are no different from any other vendor out there doing custom work.

Here are a few tips on how to be prepared when ordering your customized product:

1. Know exactly what you want.  If the vendor has several options to choose from, select no more than 3 items to choose from and then hone in on 1. Be specific on the size.  Be specific on the color.  Be specific on the time you need it by.

2. When personalizing your product, know EXACTLY what you would like to say.  Often times, a vendor can guide you when you can give them hints of what direction you would like to go.  For example, Happy Valentine’s Day would be best if the vendor knows who would be receiving this gift so that they can recommend what else to say.

3. Order what the vendor offers.  This is not the time to order outside the parameters of their product even if it is in the same genre.  For example, order cutting boards in different woods and sizes vs ordering a custom wood piece that is not a cutting board.

4. Above all … be flexible.  Guarantee, the vendor will so appreciate it!

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