How To Cut Onions Without Tearing on a Cutting Board

Chopping An Onion

Chopping An Onion

Why is it that when you cut an onion, often times it makes you cry?  An onion has enzymes that is released each time you cut into it.  The enzymes acts as a gas, spreads into the air and ultimately onto you and your eyes can feel it.  So how do you cut an onion without tearing?  Here’s a few suggestions.

  1. Use a very sharp knife (sharpen your knife before using) and a wooden cutting board.  The enzymes are released when it is crushed.  If you are using a dull knife, you will most certainly crush the onion rather than cut through it.  Cutting through it will release the enzymes less.
  2. Before cutting into the onion, place it in the freezer.  Studies shows it helps reduces the amount of enzymes that is release regardless of what knife you use.
  3. If you don’t have time to place the onion in the freezer and don’t have a sharp knife to use, after peeling the onion, cut it in half and run cold water through the onion.  This helps the onion get cold and release less enzymes.
  4. Open the window in your kitchen.  A nice breeze will divert the fumes from coming your way.

In the end, you can’t completely get rid of the tears when you do cut an onion, but the advice above can certainly help you.

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