How to Choose the Right Handmade Wedding Gift

Got invited to a wedding this year?  The minute you get that invitation and see the date, you start to calculate in your head how long you have before you can start to shop for their wedding gift.  Where to go?  Choosing the right wedding gift is always challenging. You start to sift through the invitation looking for where the couples’ are registered at then look it up online, download the list and start shopping.  Easy right? How about considering a gift from the heart.  A gift you know they will cherish and perhaps keep as an heirloom?  Consider a handmade wedding gift.  If you are creative yourself, do it yourself.  Even better.

Here’s a few of my choices of a handmade wedding gift you can consider.  Check it out.

Custom Engraved Cutting Boards

Custom Engraved Cutting Boards

1. Custom engrave cutting board – yep that’s right.  Engraved the bride and groom’s first name along with their wedding date right onto the handmade wood cutting board.  Perhaps consider adding a quote from their invitation or the address of their home together.  Either way, it’ll be well received.

2. Their wedding invitation framed.  I love this idea.

3. Champagne glasses engraved with either their names or Mr and Mrs on it.  Very cute.


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