How Do We Make our Cutting Boards

We love it when people come up to us and ask “how do we make our cutting boards?”.  Sometimes we get comments like “I use to make these in high school during woodshop.” or “My dad used to be a woodworker, love your work!”.  All comments are welcome!  It validates our work and we love it.  But we thought we would write down the fundamentals of how we make our products.  Simple.

  1. We start with our raw materials – unused scrap hardwoods.
  2. Cut the scrap hardwoods evenly – because they are scrap woods, they come in all different sizes.  As long as it is unused, untreated and hardwood we will work with it.  Each cut is different depending upon the size of the board we are making.
  3. Plane the cuts so it’s easier to glue together.
  4. Glue the cuts together and clamp them with high pressure clamps.  Wipe off excess glue.
  5. Let dry overnight.
  6. Release clamps and plane down the glued board.  This may take a few passes in order to have an even surface to work with.
  7. Once even, sanding begins.  The board goes through a double sanding machine then hand sanded to get even more of a smoother surface.
  8. Round off the edges.
  9. You’re DONE!

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