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Unused Scrap Hardwoods

Unused Scrap Hardwoods

I just love woods!  Any project you can do to create the atmosphere of the “woodsy” feeling is awesome!  It is especially fabulous if you can repurpose, upcycle and recycle woods that are out there and make it into something even more fabulous or functional or decorative.  Here’s a few ideas on home DIY (do it yourself) craft projects you can do with woods.  Any types of woods really – hard or soft woods.  Depends on the project.


Giant Scrabble Tiles

Giant Scrabble Tiles

  1. Giant Scrabble Tile – I just love this!  You can take new or old woods and create this “Scrabble” tile feeling and put up it on your wall.  Check out Something Turquoise‘s tutorial.  You can use any lighter color woods and lighter in weight such as Mahogany for easy hanging.
  2. Wood pallet projects – my fav!!!  Check out this blog from DIY Home World.  It will blow your mind on how many ideas on what you can do with old and new wooden pallets.
  3. Coat Racks

    Coat Racks

    Coat racks!  Why not?  Take old pieces of wood with character and color then pair it up with old door stoppers, old drawer knobs, door knobs, building bolts and hooks … really anything you can find that will hang what you want to hang.  Guarantee not only will you come up with a cool coat rack, but it will look vintage, rustic and shabby chic!  Check out UR Coat Racks for ideas.


  1. phyllis_garland says:

    Wow, so many great ideas using recycled woods. Who knew? I loved looking at all of the gorgeous projects on DIY Home World. Very cool! Thanks for sharing, Josie!

  2. Nickey says:

    Fantastic Ideas, thank you – clean, stylish blog