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The making of our wood cutting boards

The making of our wood cutting boards

Mac Cutting Boards has been in business for almost 5 years now.  Making custom made cutting boards from repurposing and upcycling unused scrap hardwoods.  We started off as a hobby business.

We sold our products strictly online and at craft shows.  This past year, we decided to have a wholesale program.  It’s a sign that our business has products that people want and cannot reach and that our business was ready to expand.

Here’s a few tips on how to put together a wholesale program for your business.

MCB Wholesale Pricing 2014

1. Put together a wholesale price list that you can live with.  You don’t have to sell your products at 50% the retail price.  You’ve invested quite a bit of time and energy developing a handmade product, work with a price you can live with.

2. Set a minimum order whether it would be in dollars or per piece.

3. Set a minimum re-order (which is generally less that the original order amount).

4. Set your credit terms: net 15 days (meaning your customer pays you in 15 days after date of invoice or date of receipt), no credit terms which means pay up front.  Make it clear how you would like to be paid.  It is important to keep your business alive when your customers pay you in a timely manner.

5. Set aside a few products for wholesale (unless of course you could manage with all your inventory).  It is always best to just try out a few products for wholesale that way you can validate how your manufacturing must be in order to fulfill orders.

6. Indicate your turnaround time.  Your potential customers will want to know this.

7. Have samples to show or hand out to potential customers.  Make sure to write them down if you are handing them out as they can be used for tax deductions later (consult your bookkeeper).

8. Put all of this together in a pricing sheet and/or catalog with pictures.

9. Make sure to tell your story.  Handmade products deserves to have the word out – how they are made, if you are repurposing, recycling or upcycling, whether your product is sustainable and where it is made.

Keep in mind, by wholesaling your products you will obtain repeat business (reaching people you yourself would not have been able to reach even with your website) and your orders and payments will be in bulk.  Nice!

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