Happy Valentine’s Day from Mac Cutting Boards

Happy Valentine's Day Engraved on a Wooden Cutting Board

Happy Valentine’s Day Engraved on a Wooden Cutting Board

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Woohoo!  Are you ready?  Preparation is the key for being ready for the most celebrated “Couple’s Holiday of the Year”.  It is extremely crucial if you are wanting a great outcome.  (And I certainly hope you are looking for a awesome turnout).  After all, you are in love with the very special someone in your life.  Who by all accounts deserve this, right?  So how do you prepare for a fabulous Valentine’s Day or night?

Here’s a few suggestions to consider.

  1. Don’t turn away the element of surprise.  That always gets them!  Plan and prepare for something simple or something grand but surprise them.
  2. Definitely send flowers to their place of work or home if they work from home.  That never gets old.
  3. Plan a fabulous dinner.  Try a new restaurant that friends had recommended.  Call them to find out if they are doing a special Valentine’s Day dinner.  If they do, make reservations.  Check out OpenTable for some suggestions.
  4. Plan a babysitter yourself.  Great surprise gift!  Not only are you planning on dinner together, but you’ve already taken care of the kids as well.
  5. Think of a theme for your Valentine’s Day celebration.  Like cooking, wine, travel and so on.  Buy the things that match your theme and present it to your significant other as a gift.  Something different from chocolates.  Maybe start with a heart shape cutting board?  Just a thought.

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