Happy Anniversary on a Jalapeno Shape Cutting Board

Jalapeno Shape Cutting Board

Jalapeno Shape Cutting Board

Recently, one of our customers had asked us to produce a jalapeno shaped cutting board and then custom engrave it for her anniversary present to her husband (her spicy little jalapeno).  Made me think about what a great blog post and what a great anniversary present that resonates with them as a couple!  Very cool!  It is unique, one of kind, personalized and fabulous!  A total “wow” factor!

Coming up with unusual anniversary gifts is generally time consuming in researching for the perfect one.  If you are like me, I love to copy what others have done and then turn it into my own – somehow.  A gift that comes from my heart yet different.

Here are some ideas of cutting board shapes and sayings to engrave if you are having an anniversary to celebrate.

  1. Wine Bottle Shaped Cutting Board

    Wine Bottle Shaped Cutting Board

    Wine bottle shaped cutting board engraved just with their last names and date either the year they were married or the year they are celebrating anniversary.  Or maybe just saying 50 years.

  2. Heart shaped cutting board engraved with words “I Love You” or any of the above would work.
  3. Wine glass shaped cutting board – well if you are going to celebrate generally there is wine as a part of the festivities.  What a great way to celebrate the moment.

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