Handmade Wedding Gifts for Every Couple

When buying a wedding gift, sometimes the choices can be one-sided either for him or for her (mostly for her, right?).  The groom would most likely choose gift items like tools or sports theme.  I know I’m stereo-typing.  Just going off experience.  My husband would have loved to put down a 12-inch blade compound miter saw or a drum sander on our wedding registry.  I compromised and told him we’ll put down a Home Depot gift card.  LOL.  But what would be the perfect, ideal handmade wedding gift you can give for every couple?  Here’s my take on that.

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

1. Handmade wood cutting board – custom engraved and personalized.  Someone cooks between the two of them.  They are going to use a cutting board and what better way to remind them of their happy day than to engrave it with their names and wedding date on it.

Custom Engraved Beer Pilsner (Mr. & Mrs)

Custom Engraved Beer Pilsner (Mr. & Mrs)

2. Handmade framed art – personalized.

3. Handmade wedding album – personalized made out of wood and engraved with their names and wedding date.  Brilliant!

Starting to see a theme here?

4. Custom engraved beer pilsners (his and her).  Ok this is not necessarily handmade but you got to admit, this is pretty cool!

5. Handmade home decor – personalized with their picture.

Wedding Home  Decor

Wedding Home Decor

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