Handmade Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s day is around corner.  Buying gifts for your loved one is always challenging.  There is always the chocolates and flowers as the standard go to, but how about a gift from the heart (no pun intended).  Really, a Valentine’s Day gift that comes directly from your heart to theirs.  Meaning you have invested your time and energy to ensuring that the best Valentine’s Day gift you will give this year is going to be FABULOUS!  So, how about considering a handmade Valentine’s Day gift?  What is that?  Check it out.

Handmade cutting board engraved

Handmade cutting board engraved

1. Handmade wood cutting board that is custom engraved and heart shaped.  WOW!  If your spouse or spice loves to cook, they will go gaga over it.

2. Custom canvas with your photo and your song written all over it.  I just love this.  I would literally cry if I received this.

3. Valentine’s Day card with handprints of your kids and then framed.  Ahhhhh

4. Do they love to read books?  How about a handmade crochet Valentine’s day bookmark?

These are just a few great ideas that are out there to pick from.  If you are creative, do it yourself (DIY).  Youtube has tons of tutorials you can pick from.  Just browsing for ideas, check out Etsy.  You can’t go wrong.

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