Gifts for Groomsmen


Picking out groomsmen gifts isn’t easy.  Our advice is very simple.  Customized, personalized and unique.  You really can’t go wrong.  Make each groomsmen gift different from the other, however, it can fall under any general category.  Be creative, be conscience, be honest.  Keep in mind, what you like … more than likely, your groomsmen will also like.  Just as a rule a thumb.

For example:

  1.  Bottle openers
  2.  Pens
  3.  Coffee mugs, shot glasses, beer glasses


Pretty general but these categories can hit home with each individual.  For example, getting a wall mounted bottle opener with they favorite beer or soda or perhaps if they were in the armed forces such as Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force as the bottle opener logo’d then engraving the backing with their initials.  Perhaps, engraving their time in service.  Original and brilliant!

cropped-IMG_88821.jpgFor the chef that is your buddy or best man, perhaps a custom cutting board completely engraved with their nickname you’ve always had for him or fraternity symbol remembering your youth in college.  Adding a saying like “kiss the cook” or something that you often say engraved and immortalized in a cutting board.  HA!  Not only will he enjoy the gag, but he will forever remember the moment you so rekindled for him.

Selecting a groomsmen gift doesn’t have to be difficult.  It just has to resonate with you.

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