Frequently Asked Questions for Mac Cutting Boards

Mac Cutting Boards

Mac Cutting Boards

Whenever Bart and I are at shows, we are asked so many frequent questions of the same topics.  I love it!  I realize we are educating our customers.  Awesome!

Here are some of those questions that are being asked.

1. What type of woods are these cutting boards made of?

  • They are made strictly from hardwoods.  We repurpose and upcycle unused scrap hardwoods we obtain from cabinet and furniture makers, hardwood flooring installers and other wood professionals.  Our criterias are: unused, untreated, unstained and hardwoods.

2. How are these cutting boards are made and where?

They are made with a wood glue called Tite Bond III – FDA approved and premium wood glue.  We cut the scrap hardwoods into strips and glue each piece together to form a shape of the board with high pressure clamps and let dry.  We then plane it and sand it down.  We finish it with beeswax and mineral oil coating.  We manufacturer our cutting boards in San Bruno, California.

3. How do I care for my wood cutting board?

Easy.  Soap and water then let dry naturally.  Every now and again, put a coat of mineral oil throughout your board to maintain consistency.  Wood is like your skin.  When it gets dry, it will crack.  Do not clean your wooden cutting board in your dish washer.  Heat and excess water are enemies to your board.  Avoid it.

Visit our website for more frequently asked questions that I have not listed.

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