Fabulous Ideas for Closing Gifts

Nothing builds a relationship with a client than a gift.  It bring out a smile and most times a warm hug.  If you are realtor, a closing gift is part of your branding.  A marketing piece that will leave your legacy.  Yup!  Sounds corny, but it’s so true.

Consider the following gifts when you’re out there shopping for ideas:

  1. Gift cards to Home Depot – you can never go wrong.  It’s all about the house and how to stock or decorate it.
  2. Personalized – this can be a huge plethora of options like a doormat, custom pillows, custom wall frame with their names, custom stamp with their new address and list the goes on.  Consider the room that it will go in and how often your clients will be in that room.  Right?
  3. Gift cards to nearby grocery store.  I know I would want one especially if I’m moving to a brand new neighborhood and don’t know the lay of the land.

I think you get the picture.  Building a relationship with your vendor is just as important.  Your vendor will always know what closing gift to make especially if it is customized each and every time you close escrow.  A phone call or an email is all you need.  Trust.  Goes both ways.

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