Eliminating the Idea of Wasting Unused Scrap Hardwoods

Unused Scrap Hardwoods

Unused Scrap Hardwoods

Finding projects for salvaged lumber, old wood or unused scrap hardwoods can be challenging.  But with a little creativity (and a hammer with some nails), you can find a variety of different do it yourself (DIY) projects that can help eliminate wasting these beautiful pieces and repurposing them into something fabulously functional, shabby chic decorative or gorgeously gifty.  Check out So Crafty for DIY wood projects.  But first, here’s a few places to find scrap woods.  Keep in mind the project you want to achieve so you know what kind of scrap woods you may want to get.

Unused Scrap Hardwoods

Unused Scrap Hardwoods

1. Check out furniture and cabinet makers.  Go to the back and ask for the foreman.  9 out of 10 times (if you ask politely), they will give you their scrap woods.

2. Zero Waste Home.  Look for wood workers have excess inventory, going out of business, and/or lumber companies moving.  Craigslist is a great resource for that.  Look for scrap woods in the area you live in.  Lots of FREE wood they usually advertised under “fire wood”.

3. Warehouses that have old pallets laying around.  Talk to the warehouse manager and ask them about it.  You can get really cool looking salvaged wood that can turn your project into shabby chic.






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  2. Serena says:

    Another way to find scrap wood is just keeping your eyes open while out and about, walking or driving. Many times people will leave a pile of unwanted items out on the sidewalk, free for the taking. Take a different route when out making errands; you just may find hidden treasure in your own neighborhood!

    • Totally agree with you. Keeping an eye out for what’s around you is a great way to find hidden treasures out there for repurposing. I’m always amazed of the awesome stuff you can run into. Don’t throw away … repurpose it! 🙂