Does Your Customers Enjoy Receiving Thank You Gifts From You

"Thank You" Engraved in Welsh

“Thank You” Engraved in Welsh

Absolutely!  I cannot tell you enough how clients when they receive a professional “thank you” gift from their vendors on how much they truly enjoy and appreciate the thought put into giving them a gift after the close of sale.  You were a customer at one point, right?.  If your vendor gave you a thank you gift even if it was just a handwritten note, wouldn’t that make you smile?  You would definitely remember the moment you received it and you will definitely remember your vendor forever.  So how do you say thank you?  Here are a few suggestions:

  • The Definition of Gratitude

    The Definition of Gratitude

    Personalized it in a different language especially if it is from their family heritage.  Say thank you in their language.  Engrave it on a handmade wooden cutting board.  Pair it with cheese knives, cheeses, crackers, jellies and jam.  Wrap it up like a basket using the cutting board as your base.

  • Give your customer(s) the definition of gratitude.  Print it and wrap it around candies or home baked cookies or goodies.  Pioneer Party and Gift got the right idea.
  • Buy them a cup of coffee (a gift card would work) and wrap a handwritten note around it saying “thanks a LATTE for your business and friendship”.  Simple right?

A “thank you” gift doesn’t have to be fancy, just has be special … especially by you.


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