Custom Engraved Cutting Board is the Perfect Closing Gift

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Custom Engraved Cutting Board


The real estate market is booming!  If you live in my area (San Mateo County, California), there is no inventory to choose from.  Meaning, slim pickings and very few sellers.  There are a ton of buyers.  Most come with cash too!  So what do you do when the market start to turn?  Your customers are your biggest assets.  Referrals are your lifeline.  Make the most out of your relationships with your current customer base today.

Give them a closing gift that is unique, one-of-kind, geniune and perfect.  Give them a custom engraved handmade wooden cutting board.

Here are 5 ideas on what to engrave on your handmade gift:

  1. Custom Engraved Cutting Board

    Custom Engraved Cutting Board

    Couple’s first name and the year they purchased their home

  2. The family name with a design that is symbolic to them.  Like a family crest.
  3. The street address and the date they received their keys.  Great for first time home buyers.
  4. A simple “thank you from _____” or “congratulations from _____”.
  5. If they are very close to you, a quote or a saying that they always remember.

Check out our website for more ideas on personalization.  You would be amazed by what people have thought of to engrave on our cutting boards.

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