Closing Gifts for Realtors in Texas, California, New York or Anywhere

There are many choices of closing gifts for realtors to give to their customers at close of escrow.  Knives, wine, flowers, cheese and fruit baskets or a combination of these in one basket.  But let me share with you another option on closing gift.

IMG_5359Handcraft cutting boards – personalized and made for their brand new home.  May not be a brand new home persay, but to your clients, it could be their first home or their dream home or simply a bigger and better home.  Either way, personalizing a handmade wooden cutting board gives them a huge “wow” factor in your gifting.  It is customized and it shows you have spent time in what gift

IMG_5351What are ideas on personalizing a cutting board?  Engrave it with their street address and the date they received their keys, the names of the new homeowners whether they are newly weds or a family, simply saying “congratulations from/to ____” always works.  Add your logo to further remind them who you are and what you meant to them when going through the process of buying and closing a home.

Remember, for every escrow closing is a potential referral to you in the future.  Stay connected with your clients.  Give them a closing gift they will remember.

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