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Kitchen Charm Could Never Be More Simple Than This!

Custom Made Pull Out Wooden Cutting Board

Custom Made Pull Out Wooden Cutting Board



A wooden cutting board completes your kitchen.  Don’t you think?  Your kitchen’s ambience is all your style and charm for sure.  But your selection of what cutting board to use on a daily basis really says a lot about your kitchen’s decor.  It’s the bow that completes the package.  Often times, when you have a gorgeous board, it is used as a decor in itself.  Either hanging or propped up for anyone to see.

Most kitchens already came with a pull out wooden cutting board that came with the kitchen when it was first construct.  And in most cases, they are absolutely gross.  Am I right?  No matter what you do to try to clean it, it still stays icky.  Here’s a few ideas on what to do to spiff up your current pull out cutting board.

1. Use a fine grit sandpaper and sand down both sides of the board.  An electric sander can really speed up the process.  Wash the board before sanding.

2. After sanding, use mineral to coat the entire board.  Prop it up against your backsplash or against your wall with a towel underneath it to capture all the oil that may drip down.

3. Do not paint the board.  It will make it unuseable.

That’s it.  Should be like “new” again.  If you’re still not satified with your new pull out board, have it replaced.

Ways to Use Your Small Cheese Cutting Board

Small Cheese Cutting Boards

Small Cheese Cutting Boards

A small cheese cutting board is also known as a cheese board.  It is a perfect size for everyday use on cutting small items.  But did you know there are more ways to use a small cheese board?  Here’s 5 different ideas on what you can do to utilize a small cheese cutting board.

1. Serving platter for meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruits and crackers

2. Sandwich tray -perfect size for putting your individual sandwich for lunch.  Set yourself by the TV and place the sandwich tray AKA cheese cutting board on your lap and VIOLA!  Lunch is served!

Cheese Cutting Board as a Serving Platter

Cheese Cutting Board as a Serving Platter

3. Dinner plate – think about it.  Instead of serving on normal dinner plates, you can serve your dinner on a small cheese cutting board.  Buy all the same design or get them all different except for the size.  Keep the size about the same therefore it doesn’t look too odd.  Still, what a great conversation piece.  Also keep in mind, wood is a natural fighter of bacteria.  Simply washing the cutting board with soap and water and let it dry naturally.  You would do that with your good plates anyway.

4. Home decor platform for your candles or flowers

5. Home decor for your walls


Custom Engraved Cutting Boards as a Perfect Wedding Gift

IMG_5421What an idea!  When shopping for the bride and groom for the their special day, it is often considered to look at their registry to find what their needs are.  Functional and easy.  The bride and groom made it easy for you as they told you what they need or want.  But how about checking out something unique.  Something original.  A handmade wedding gift that is a custom engraved cutting board.  Definitely a WOW factor!  A handmade cutting board is functional and ideal.  Not to mention that it’s handmade not something you bought at a store and you personalize it.  Here’s a few ideas on how to make this wedding gift an heirloom by engraving it.

Engraved Custom Cutting Board

Engraved Custom Cutting Board

1. Bride and groom’s names on it and their wedding date.

2. The newly wed’s last names and the year they were married.

3. The street address of their new home together and the date they were married.

4. Simply say “Congratulations” from you (add your names either the family name or just the couple’s names).  The bride and groom will know where this gift came from.

5. Add another saying like “happy wedding bliss” or “just for for the special couple”.  Adding your saying will give the gift more depth on remembrance.


Why Buy A Custom Cutting Board

Sue Bianco - Alain Pinel

Custom Cutting Board Engraved

It is that time of the year when everyone is looking for that perfect gift to give to your friends, family or clients.  So, why would you buy a custom cutting board as a gift?  Here are a few reasons to consider:

1. A my guide, well made and wooden is one of the best gifts to give for weddings, birthdays, graduation, anniversaries and especially for the holidays.  It is functional, useful and can be decorative.

2. It is a great way to say “Thank You”.  Couple it with cheese knives or cheeses.  Wrap it up with a bow and you are done!

Customer Appreciation Gift

Customer Appreciation Gift

3. It is an awesome my guide  Want to spread love with your clients, engrave your logo on the board.  They will never forget you.

4. It is very hard to re-gift a beautiful cutting board especially if it is personalized.

5. Easy to clean.  Check out our blog on how to clean for your cutting board.

A beautiful custom cutting board is really hard to pass up.  You may even consider buying one for yourself and add it to your kitchen decor.  It is a great conversation piece!