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Holiday Shopping for Handmade Gifts

IMG_9964The best gifts (in my opinion) are handmade gifts either made by yourself (do it yourself DIY or bought locally).  To take it a step further, a gift that had been repurpose or upcycle into something unique, clever and useful.  That would be the ULTIMATE gift.  It is personal and different!

There are many ideas for a handmade gift.  What you have to ask yourself:

  1. succulents_1_resize_bWho is the gift for?
  2. What is purpose of the gift?  Holiday gifting? Birthday? Wedding? Graduation? Housewarming?
  3. How special is the person to you?

These answers will help you narrow down something personal, something unique, something one-of-a-kind gift. Here are some ideas of handmade gifts that you can make yourself or buy from a local artisan.

  1. Alibi InteriorsPicture frame made from repurposing pallet woods or old fence wood
  2. Succulents placed in a old sewing machine drawer (love this idea!)
  3. Custom engraved cutting board
  4. Handmade print poster that is framed
  5. Custom poster that you DIY (do it yourself).

Pinterest and Etsy are great websites to start when looking for ideas on either DIY gifts or handmade gifts that you want to purchase.  Remember, ask the questions and you can get a picture idea of the kind of gift you want to give.  Happy shopping and remember shop locally!

3 Great Ideas on How to Select a Fabulous Handmade Wedding Gift

Handmade Wedding Gift

Handmade Wedding Gift

Wedding season all year round, really. No stopping couples of any time of the year for getting married. Why not? So many great dates to choose from: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, April, the spring month (a favorite time for most bride and groom to get married), the entire month of May, June, July (very popular as well), August and September before kids go back to school, October (yes there are Halloween weddings), November and December are popular winter wedding month then, of course, New Year’s Eve. Well whatever the date of the wedding you are going to, you still have the challenge of getting the right wedding gift to the beautiful couple. Something special, unique, and memorable.

Here are 3 great ideas on what to do besides buying from their wedding registry.

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

1. Custom engrave cutting board. Be original. Engrave their family tree on it. What an heirloom it will be!
2. Take their wedding invitation and have it framed. Copy it onto a canvas or burlap. Great home decor. Memorable.
3. Beer glasses etched with their first names and their wedding date. Who doesn’t like beer? Well maybe some, but instead of beer mugs, make them wine glasses.

Custom Engraved Cutting Boards as a Perfect Wedding Gift

IMG_5421What an idea!  When shopping for the bride and groom for the their special day, it is often considered to look at their registry to find what their needs are.  Functional and easy.  The bride and groom made it easy for you as they told you what they need or want.  But how about checking out something unique.  Something original.  A handmade wedding gift that is a custom engraved cutting board.  Definitely a WOW factor!  A handmade cutting board is functional and ideal.  Not to mention that it’s handmade not something you bought at a store and you personalize it.  Here’s a few ideas on how to make this wedding gift an heirloom by engraving it.

Engraved Custom Cutting Board

Engraved Custom Cutting Board

1. Bride and groom’s names on it and their wedding date.

2. The newly wed’s last names and the year they were married.

3. The street address of their new home together and the date they were married.

4. Simply say “Congratulations” from you (add your names either the family name or just the couple’s names).  The bride and groom will know where this gift came from.

5. Add another saying like “happy wedding bliss” or “just for for the special couple”.  Adding your saying will give the gift more depth on remembrance.