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Fabulous Ideas for Closing Gifts

Nothing builds a relationship with a client than a gift.  It bring out a smile and most times a warm hug.  If you are realtor, a closing gift is part of your branding.  A marketing piece that will leave your legacy.  Yup!  Sounds corny, but it’s so true.

Consider the following gifts when you’re out there shopping for ideas:

  1. Gift cards to Home Depot – you can never go wrong.  It’s all about the house and how to stock or decorate it.
  2. Personalized – this can be a huge plethora of options like a doormat, custom pillows, custom wall frame with their names, custom stamp with their new address and list the goes on.  Consider the room that it will go in and how often your clients will be in that room.  Right?
  3. Gift cards to nearby grocery store.  I know I would want one especially if I’m moving to a brand new neighborhood and don’t know the lay of the land.

I think you get the picture.  Building a relationship with your vendor is just as important.  Your vendor will always know what closing gift to make especially if it is customized each and every time you close escrow.  A phone call or an email is all you need.  Trust.  Goes both ways.

Best Closing Gifts

Always consider a closing gift whether you are the seller or buyer’s rep.  It is a fact that closing a house deal is not an easy feat.  Realtors everywhere spends a lot of their time, energy and money finding the right home for their clients  A long term relationship is where realtors make their money … through referrals.

So invest in your relationship.  Start with a “thank you” gift … a closing gift.  One that is special, different, interesting and personal.

Here are my suggestions on 3 fabulous closing gifts.  My criteria?  These are gifts I would want to receive if I closed escrow with a realtor (doesn’t matter if I was selling or buying a home).

  1. Custom Address Plaque – I love it!  I’ll always remember my agent each time I come home.
  2. Custom Engraved Cutting Board – engraved with the family name.  Big and bold.  Match it up with other kitchenware.  It goes a long way!
  3. Custom Address Stamp – with their address!  I use it when I send invites to my housewarming party.

The more time you spend thinking the gift, the fabulous it will be when it is received!  A long term relationship with your closing gift vendor goes a long way too.

Closing Gifts for Sellers


Yes … there is such a thing.  It’s not just for your buyers.  Realtors should really consider a “thank you” gift for their sellers too.  What a great way to build rapport from both ends … the buyer and the seller.  Well, especially if you had done both deals, right?  Either way, being a realtor which is really an entrepreneur is all about building relationships, rapport and integrity.  Word gets out that you are trustworthy, knowledgeable and sincere you’ll find yourself hiring help to help you answer your calls.  I love this blog by Tom Hopkins on Rapport Building.

Here are some ideas on what to give your seller as a closing gift:

  1. Wine basket with fine cheeses, crackers and a cutting board.  Not just any cutting board, but a cutting board engraved with their name(s) on it.  No “thank you” is necessary on the board.  Just personalized with their names is plenty.
  2. In addition to the basket, you can offer a gift certificate for wine tasting at the winery you are giving.  Nice touch I think.
  3. Treat your sellers to a nice dinner.  Make all the arrangements based on their schedule and all they have to do is show up.  A little bit coordination of your part, but talk bout the memories you will get from that.

Get a Cutting Board as a Closing Gift

Custom engraved cutting boards

Closing Gift IdeasLet’s face it, a kitchen is not a kitchen without a cutting board, right?  The one essential tool (along side a knife and a pot) that you need in order to function properly in that space inside your client’s new home.  A cutting board shouldn’t just be dull or boring.  Bring it to life by engraving it!  Yes!  A custom engraved cutting board not only says “thank you” for your business, but it creates a lasting relationship for years to to come!  Plastic couldn’t do that.

A custom engraved cutting board can function is a variety of ways.  Check it out.

Custom engraved cutting board1. Retirement gift – great way to say “thank you” for all the years of service they gave.  What an heirloom it would be for that employee.  Guarantee, they will display it and not use it.

2. Birthday gift or graduation gift – need I say more?  For the cooks that love to cook.  Perfect!  For those BBQers out there, the larger the cutting board the better!

3. Anniversary or wedding gift – best handmade gift you can get!  Who else is going to think outside the wedding registry?

So the next time you’re looking at options for closing gifts, think of the “WOW FACTOR” and consider a custom engraved cutting board.  It will look fabulous!

3 Awesome Closing Gift Ideas

Custom Address StampIt is a fact that closing a house deal is not an easy feat.  Realtors everywhere spends a lot of their time, energy and money finding the right home for their clients, getting know their needs and wants … essentially building a relationship that is more than just a business relationship, but a personal one.  A long term relationship with your customer can potentially bring you endless referrals for the future.  After all, that’s where realtors make their money … through referrals.

If you are going to invest for the future, don’t just give the usual gift cards, fruit baskets or a bottle of wine.  Give them a closing gift they will remember and treasure.

Here are 3 fabulous closing gifts that I found.  My criteria?  These are gifts I would want to receive if I closed escrow with a realtor.

  1. For Noushin's HomeCustom Address Plaque – I love it!  I’ll always remember my agent each time I come home.
  2. Custom Engraved Cutting Board – engraved with the family name.  Big and bold.  Match it up with other kitchenware.  It goes a long way!
  3. Custom Address Stamp – with their address!

Keep in mind, you should think about your closing gift when you first meet your customers.  The more time you spend thinking the gift, the fabulous it will be when they receive it!  Happy Gifting!

Why Closing Gifts?


Start thinking of your closing gift the moment you’ve met your clients.  When you are in the market for the best closing gifts, you often ask yourself “what should I give my clients?”.  Let me give you 5 reasons why you should give a closing gift.

  1. Your client will remember you after close of escrow.
  2. Great way to obtain future referrals from a client you already have.
  3. Potential increase on your business with your referrals you will obtain.
  4. Your client will NEVER forget you, your name or the company you represent.
  5. A tax deduction especially if you put your company logo on it.  I’m not a tax expert so consult your CPA on this.

Keep in mind that you should give the gift that is memorable in itself.  Personalizing and customizing any gift will do the trick!  Here are some ideas on what to personalize on your closing gift.


  1. The family name of your client.
  2. The closing date of escrow – the official date they own the home.  This is especially fabulous when is it the client’s first home.
  3. The street address (not the city or state).  For example, 123 Walnut Way
  4. “Welcome to your new home”
  5. Congratulations from “your name”
  6. “Welcome Home!”
  7. “Thank you from “your name””
  8. “Home is Where the Heart is”
  9. “No Place Like Home”
  10. Monogram of the letter of the client’s last name

Personalize the gift with at least 2 lines.  What you don’t want is a closing gift that is short-lived.  A closing gift should not take away from the tradition of keeping in touch with your clients throughout the years such as sending a note or a birthday card.  But your first impression of “thank you” (in my opinion) should be a lasting one.  Check out a few links below on some of the closing gifts I would like to receive from my realtor.



Pinterest gives you plenty of ideas for anything handmade either by you or by someone else.  The idea is go out and get one!  You can never go wrong when give a gift.  Because a gift always provides the recipient the message of that you thought of them more than just a client.  Now are there “cons” to provide a closing gift?  Well, again in my opinion” … yes.  It is one more additional step to do when closing the deal.  But when you want to stay connected, doing that extra step can mean the difference between a “top sales realtor” to just a “realtor”.








Custom Engraved Cutting Board is the Perfect Closing Gift

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Custom Engraved Cutting Board


The real estate market is booming!  If you live in my area (San Mateo County, California), there is no inventory to choose from.  Meaning, slim pickings and very few sellers.  There are a ton of buyers.  Most come with cash too!  So what do you do when the market start to turn?  Your customers are your biggest assets.  Referrals are your lifeline.  Make the most out of your relationships with your current customer base today.

Give them a closing gift that is unique, one-of-kind, geniune and perfect.  Give them a custom engraved handmade wooden cutting board.

Here are 5 ideas on what to engrave on your handmade gift:

  1. Custom Engraved Cutting Board

    Custom Engraved Cutting Board

    Couple’s first name and the year they purchased their home

  2. The family name with a design that is symbolic to them.  Like a family crest.
  3. The street address and the date they received their keys.  Great for first time home buyers.
  4. A simple “thank you from _____” or “congratulations from _____”.
  5. If they are very close to you, a quote or a saying that they always remember.

Check out our website for more ideas on personalization.  You would be amazed by what people have thought of to engrave on our cutting boards.

Clever Closing Gift Ideas for Realtors in California

Closing Gift

Closing Gift

According to Realtor Magazine, “Realtors spend more than $510 million each year on business or closing gifts for their clients.”  WOW!  That’s an outstanding number!  “Top gifts from practitioners are gift cards (59.5 percent), flowers or plants (37.2 percent), or gift baskets (36.7 percent)”.  Those are definitely functional and practical gifts.  Come on!  Think outside the box!  Set yourself apart from everyone else.  Give your clients a unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade closing gift that will keep you connected with your customers for years to come.  Building a business of referrals ensures your survival.  Here are a few clever closing gift ideas:

Custom Framed Plaque

Custom Framed Plaque

Personalized and customized that is the ticket!

* Handmade cutting board – say “Welcome Home Smith Family” or 123 Oak Street 01/12/13 (date they received their keys).  Engrave anything you want just as long as it matters to your customers

* Custom framed plaque – “Home is Where the Story begins”.  After all, isn’t it true?  Take a family photo and add it to the board.  Great for first time home buyers.

Whatever you choose, just remember to ensure that your clients will remember you way after the escrow had closed.  You want them to pick up the fabulous closing gift you gave them and say “I love this” and bring a smile to their face.  You want your customers to remember you for as long as they live in that house.  What a goal!

Where Can You Buy Closing Gifts With the Wow Factor

Mac Cutting Boards

Mac Cutting Boards

I am a huge proponent of buying handmade gifts as a way to say thank you, to celebrate an occasion or for the reason of just gifting.  Handmade gifts just gives you more a the “wow” factor.  Don’t you think?  Saying “thank you” to your customers not only builds relationships but can potentially build your referral business.  This is how all us entrepreneurs survive.  Here’s why you would want to consider a handmade gift as a closing gift:

  1. Fabulous and Unique with the WOW factor
  2. Nothing like it … truly a one-of-a-kind
  3. Giving back to your community and your local artisan
  4. Upcycle, recycle, repurpose and sustainable
  5. A gift from you … from the heart
Custom Engraved Cutting Boards

Custom Engraved Cutting Boards

1. Custom family blocks – check out  I realize this is a do it yourself (DIY) project, but it is so simple to make.  You can do it!

2. Personalized engraved cutting board with their family name and the year they bought the house or the street address and the date they received their keys (great for first time home buyers).

Want more?  Check out House Hunt’s Blog.  An awesome resource for realtors not only with closing gift ideas but ideas on how to spruce up with real estate business.

Closing Gifts for Realtors in Texas, California, New York or Anywhere

There are many choices of closing gifts for realtors to give to their customers at close of escrow.  Knives, wine, flowers, cheese and fruit baskets or a combination of these in one basket.  But let me share with you another option on closing gift.

IMG_5359Handcraft cutting boards – personalized and made for their brand new home.  May not be a brand new home persay, but to your clients, it could be their first home or their dream home or simply a bigger and better home.  Either way, personalizing a handmade wooden cutting board gives them a huge “wow” factor in your gifting.  It is customized and it shows you have spent time in what gift

IMG_5351What are ideas on personalizing a cutting board?  Engrave it with their street address and the date they received their keys, the names of the new homeowners whether they are newly weds or a family, simply saying “congratulations from/to ____” always works.  Add your logo to further remind them who you are and what you meant to them when going through the process of buying and closing a home.

Remember, for every escrow closing is a potential referral to you in the future.  Stay connected with your clients.  Give them a closing gift they will remember.

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