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Gifts for Groomsmen


Picking out groomsmen gifts isn’t easy.  Our advice is very simple.  Customized, personalized and unique.  You really can’t go wrong.  Make each groomsmen gift different from the other, however, it can fall under any general category.  Be creative, be conscience, be honest.  Keep in mind, what you like … more than likely, your groomsmen will also like.  Just as a rule a thumb.

For example:

  1.  Bottle openers
  2.  Pens
  3.  Coffee mugs, shot glasses, beer glasses


Pretty general but these categories can hit home with each individual.  For example, getting a wall mounted bottle opener with they favorite beer or soda or perhaps if they were in the armed forces such as Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force as the bottle opener logo’d then engraving the backing with their initials.  Perhaps, engraving their time in service.  Original and brilliant!

cropped-IMG_88821.jpgFor the chef that is your buddy or best man, perhaps a custom cutting board completely engraved with their nickname you’ve always had for him or fraternity symbol remembering your youth in college.  Adding a saying like “kiss the cook” or something that you often say engraved and immortalized in a cutting board.  HA!  Not only will he enjoy the gag, but he will forever remember the moment you so rekindled for him.

Selecting a groomsmen gift doesn’t have to be difficult.  It just has to resonate with you.

Personalized Wedding Gifts – Custom Engrave Cutting Boards

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

What a great idea!  Nothing says original and unique than a personalized gift.  When going to a wedding and you are considering a wedding gift, think of these 3 factors before you make your decision to buy one:

1. What does the couple need?

2. Do they have a bridal registry?

3. Do you want to give the gift of “WOW”?


Wedding Invitation Design

Wedding Invitation Design

Customizing a gift is just that – personalized just for the happy couple.  So what do you say?  Here’s a few suggestions:

1. Write the bride and groom’s first name on the 1st line then the date of their wedding on the 2nd line.

2. A saying that you are connected with them.  “Kiss the Cook!” as the example above.

3. The design on their wedding invitation.  Now talk about original!

Not only are you wanting to be unique, but also you want your gift to be used and enjoyed for many years to come.  Consider your options when purchasing a gift.  I for one, am not a huge fan of bridal registry, however, it is sometimes a necessity as they usually put on their list items they will need.  But I say, consider a handmade gift.  Something that comes from the heart.  A gift with not only a lot of thought into it, but also a lot of love.


A Kitchen Charm – Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

It goes without saying.  What a decor piece it is when it is a custom engraved cutting board. And not just any personalized board, but one that is specific to you and your family.  But let’s not take away it’s functionality.  It is still a cutting board – used for every day cooking with your chopping of fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, spices and meats.  But most don’t think of it as a kitchen charm.  A piece that would finish the atmosphere of your kitchen to say it is mine!

Want more ideas on how to get everyday pieces and add them to your kitchen decor?  Here’s a few ideas:

Mason Jar for your Spices

Mason Jar for your Spices

Chalkboard Cutting Board

Chalkboard Cutting Board

1. Mason Jars – what a better way to organize your kitchen but with these fabulous jars.  Buy chalk stickers to label them so everyone in your household knows what goes into them.  Make it garden!  What a great idea!

2. Chalk Cutting Board – have an old cutting board but don’t want to throw it away?  Try sanding it down with fine sandpaper.  Then, take chalk paint and paint one side (2 to 3 coats would do the trick).  Voila! Instant chalk board.  Hang it onto your wall where you can post today’s menu or reminder.



Does Your Customers Enjoy Receiving Thank You Gifts From You

"Thank You" Engraved in Welsh

“Thank You” Engraved in Welsh

Absolutely!  I cannot tell you enough how clients when they receive a professional “thank you” gift from their vendors on how much they truly enjoy and appreciate the thought put into giving them a gift after the close of sale.  You were a customer at one point, right?.  If your vendor gave you a thank you gift even if it was just a handwritten note, wouldn’t that make you smile?  You would definitely remember the moment you received it and you will definitely remember your vendor forever.  So how do you say thank you?  Here are a few suggestions:

  • The Definition of Gratitude

    The Definition of Gratitude

    Personalized it in a different language especially if it is from their family heritage.  Say thank you in their language.  Engrave it on a handmade wooden cutting board.  Pair it with cheese knives, cheeses, crackers, jellies and jam.  Wrap it up like a basket using the cutting board as your base.

  • Give your customer(s) the definition of gratitude.  Print it and wrap it around candies or home baked cookies or goodies.  Pioneer Party and Gift got the right idea.
  • Buy them a cup of coffee (a gift card would work) and wrap a handwritten note around it saying “thanks a LATTE for your business and friendship”.  Simple right?

A “thank you” gift doesn’t have to be fancy, just has be special … especially by you.


Heart Shape Valentine’s Day Cutting Board

Heart Shape Cutting Boards

Heart Shape Cutting Boards

Yes.  You heard that right! A heart shape Valentine’s Day cutting board!  What a great way to say I love you to that someone special.  This idea is unique, one of a kind, fabulous, awesome and handmade!  WOW!  A great package.  Perhaps, you might want to consider the board as a special gift for a special occasion besides Valentine’s Day.  A wedding gift, anniversary gift, birthday, graduation present, just saying “I love you” gift.  The list is endless.  But I digress.  Here are some ideas on how you can package this cutting board into a even bigger gift to give.

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

1. Custom engrave your board with a special saying, who are you giving the board to and who is it from.  Doesn’t have to be all of that but it’s a start.

2. Buy cheeses, cheese knives, crackers and wine and use the cutting board as a base to wrap your entire package.  Sort of a wine basket but it really is a cutting board basket with great stuff.

3. Get some great chocolates, flowers and something special like a piece of jewelry.  Place the chocolate and jewelry on top, wrap it with a plastic basket wrap and a big bow.  Give the flowers and cutting board basket together while at dinner celebrating.


Fabulous Ideas for Client Appreciation Gifts

How do you say “thank you” to your customer all their business?  Perhaps, sending them a handwritten note, a wine and fruit basket, sports tickets to a nearby game.  All are great ideas and definitely welcome.  But how about we go outside the box and think “WOW” factor.  How about handmade gifts?  Here are some great ideas on handmade client appreciation gifts.

Letter with Lights

Letter with Lights

1. Vintage Inspired Letter – yes just one or two.  A letter with lights on it.  How cool is that?  Letters that represent their initials or the company’s name first initial and their colors.  Really cool!

2. Alphabet Art Photos – with their company name or your customer’s first name(s).  Black and white or in color.  Frame it so it’s ready to place on their wall for display.  Original and unique.

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

3. Custom engrave cutting board – handmade, repurpose, upcycle made from unused scrap hardwoods to produce a functional item that is so versatile that it can be used as a decorative piece.  Engrave it!  Way to go on personalizing it specific to your client.

Whatever you decide on a client gift, it will absolutely will be well received.  First off, they will not be expecting it.  And if a handwritten note and a wine basket is your go to, I’d say GO FOR IT!


How to Order Your Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Heart Shaped Cutting Boards

Heart Shaped Cutting Boards

Ordering online, over the phone or in person can sometimes be challenging especially if you are customizing your product for a gift or for yourself.  Often times, we know what we want Sometimes we don’t.  Take ordering a handmade wood cutting board from Mac Cutting Boards.  We are no different from any other vendor out there doing custom work.

Here are a few tips on how to be prepared when ordering your customized product:

1. Know exactly what you want.  If the vendor has several options to choose from, select no more than 3 items to choose from and then hone in on 1. Be specific on the size.  Be specific on the color.  Be specific on the time you need it by.

2. When personalizing your product, know EXACTLY what you would like to say.  Often times, a vendor can guide you when you can give them hints of what direction you would like to go.  For example, Happy Valentine’s Day would be best if the vendor knows who would be receiving this gift so that they can recommend what else to say.

3. Order what the vendor offers.  This is not the time to order outside the parameters of their product even if it is in the same genre.  For example, order cutting boards in different woods and sizes vs ordering a custom wood piece that is not a cutting board.

4. Above all … be flexible.  Guarantee, the vendor will so appreciate it!

USPS Priority Mail | Wood Cutting Board Arriving on Time

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Mac Cutting Boards has a tremendous holiday season with our online orders.  Yay!  We have been sending our custom engraved cutting boards through our main shipping provider has been USPS Priority Mail.  Every now and again, if the customer approves, we send it USPS Express.  USPS Priority Mail advertises and markets their service to 2-3 business days and USPS Express 1 business day guaranteed.  What we found was absolutely incredible to our disbelief and disappointment.

1. USPS Priority Mail of 2 days is just a HOPE that it will get there.  The real service is 2-7 business days.  If you are looking for your package after the third business day, you cannot even place a tracer on it as it has to hit 7 days before they can start the search.

2. USPS Express Mail is guaranteed 1 day but that is just a HOPE as well.  The real service is 1-2 delivery days and once again you cannot place a tracer on it if it still hasn’t arrived by the next delivery day.

Really???  What kind of service is that?  The price points are great compare to Federal Express or United Parcel Service (UPS), but why market and advertise false hopes?  Bottom line, if you are flexible, use USPS.  If not, spend the monies and go with the carriers who are absolute in their service transit time.  Lesson learned.


Decide on What to Buy When it Comes to Handmade Gifts

Handmade Gifts

Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are awesome when you want the “WOW” factor to happen when giving it to the receiver.  Trust me.  Gift giving usually always happens when it is a special occasion to celebrate.  This action usually ramps up during the holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and yes Christmas (the mother of gifting).  Buying gifts from stores are convenient and can be fabulous.  But to get the “WOW” factor, buy a handmade gift.  Really.

Here are some ideas on handmade gifts and where to start looking for one.

Jalapeno Shape Engraved Cutting Board

Jalapeno Shape Engraved Cutting Board

1. Custom engrave cutting boards – personalized your cutting boards with the people’s names on it.  Have a quote or a saying that is specific to them.  Talk about “WOW”!

2. Handmade coat racks – seriously!  It is pretty cool what’s out there.  Some with door knobs, wrenches, hammer heads, antique hooks.  Check out UR Coat Racks for great ideas!

3. Go on ETSY.  But be careful.  You need some idea of what you want to buy.  There are so many categories … all handmade … all pretty spectacular that is can be overwhelming.

Handmade gifts are not only one of a kind, but it is very personable.  It is unique, made locally (here in the US) and fabulous!


Valentine’s Day and a Handmade Gift | Custom Engrave Cutting Board

Valentine’s Day is a traditional yearly holiday dedicated to couples.  Awesome!  A day that you can officially celebrate with your SPOUSE or SPICE of your life.  And everywhere you go, businesses (especially restaurants) celebrate right back with you with having roses and champagne ready for the couples to enjoy the start of their evening.  It really doesn’t matter what day of the week Valentine’s falls on.  Every couple out there celebrates no matter what.  The challenge is usually the following: (1) where to go to celebrate Valentine’s Day either dinner or a getaway (2) what to buy as a gift.  Am I right?

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Gifts are generally subjective.  But I do say find the right gift for the love of your life even if you think it’s a little corny.  Find out what makes them happy.  Pay attention to their face when they light up each and every time they see something.  That would give you an idea what to get as a gift.  Of course, you always have the chocolate and flowers as the good ‘ole standby but I say be creative.  Get something handmade or make it yourself.  Nothing says “I Love You” than a handmade gift.  Do they cook?  How about a handmade cutting board?  Just a thought.


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