Having a Business Account on Pinterest

Pinterest BusinessJust recently, we received an email from Pinterest stating that we were qualified to convert our existing Pinterest page to a “business” Pinterest page.  If you are like me, I thought to myself “I had no idea I didn’t have a business Pinterest page already set up.”  Then I realized that I needed to make sure that my Pinterest is a business account and not a personal account.  Why?  It legitimizes you as a online retailer and as a online business.  It also helps you in SEO (search engine optimization).

So what is the difference between a “personal” and a “business” account on Pinterest? The main difference between the two is that Pinterest requires any account that wishes to use Pinterest for commercial purposes to create a business account.  It also gives us access to the analytics and an entire set of features exclusively for businesses such as advertising and marketing your Pinterest page online.  Check out this blog on the “how to convert” your Pinterest page.


Mac Cutting Boards

Mac Cutting Boards

Mac Cutting Boards uses several social media outlets for online exposure.  Pinterest is one of them.  Our cutting boards are very visual.  It is important that you as a customer gets an idea of the look and feel of our boards without touching it.  By showing relevant pictures, it can paint a nice visual for those that may be interested in the future in purchasing one of our boards.  For me, it’s a no brainer that we switch from a personal account to a business account.  You should too.

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