A Better Kitchen with a Wooden Cutting Board

Custom Made Cutting Board

Custom Made Cutting Board

Let’s face it, a kitchen is not a kitchen without a cutting board, right?  The one essential tool (along side a knife and a pot) that you need in order to function properly in that space.  But having a cutting board shouldn’t just be dull or boring.  Liven up your kitchen with a custom made wooden cutting board.  Not plastic although plastic does have some advantage – can be easily cleaned and placed in the dishwasher, light to carry around from countertop to countertop and inexpensive.

A wooden cutting board is all that and much more.  How much more?  Check it out.

1. A serving platter.  Yup.  Try it out.  I bet you’ll get “wow, never thought of using my cutting board like that before” comment.

2. A decorative piece.  Place candles on top of the board when you are not using it.  Position it center on your dining table and voila!  You have an elegant centerpiece.  Or maybe you just want to spiff up your kitchen with colors.  Just leave your board on the countertop and display it.  Your wooden cutting board is made all the natural colors of the wood that brings out the beauty of the board and your kitchen.

So the next time you’re looking at your kitchen and you think it needs pizzazz, try a custom made wooden cutting board.  Maybe even engraving it to personalize your space.  It will look fabulous!

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