Barbecue Season is Here!

BBQ Boards

Nothing says barbecue than a great piece of barbecue meat and a cutting board to slice it on.  Yup!  I said cutting board.  After all, when you barbecue, you’re not just barbecuing for yourself, it’s for the whole gang!  So you’re going to need a very big cutting board or a barbecue cutting board.  One that has juice grooves to capture all the meat juices.  YUM!  Turn it into au jus or super yummy gravy.  Either way, nothing goes to waste.

Now finding the right barbecue cutting board may be a challenge.  Not too many plastic ones out there to choose from especially one that has juice grooves.  But you can narrow the choices down by shopping online doing your research in checking out what’s out there.  Here’s a great article on the essential tools you’ll need as a barbecue master.  My vote?  Consider a wood cutting board.  It’s sturdy, it’s gorgeous and it look like it belongs there right next to your barbecue grill.  Plus, you can keep your meats right on the board for serving.  Juices will continue to flow out as your guests help themselves to the slices of wonderment you are serving.  Oh my goodness!  Mmmmmm Mmmmmm good!

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