Back to School for Small Businesses

Back to School for Businesses

Which also means fall season is just around the corner.  YIKES!  Well, maybe for some.  I happen to love fall season when it comes to fashion, atmosphere and people’s overall attitude.  Fall just brings more spending!  It happens to be the busiest season for our cutting board business.  Actually, most if not all retail businesses, fall season is the beginning of cash flow!  So how do you prepare?  I have some thoughts.

  1. Organize your business in a calendar.  Look at what’s ahead.
  2. Have a great accountant/bookkeeper.  I love having that all in one.  That way there’s only one person to go to.
  3. Organize your office space whether it would be at home or at a warehouse location.  Organize it to where you know you feel great each time you walk into it.
  4. Focus on your social media. Business owners wear many hats.  Not enough time during the day, but this particular “line item” should not be ignored during your busy times.  This is when you shine and you should let your target market know about it.
  5. Hire part time virtual help.  Money isn’t always the issue when hiring someone.  It usually is training them.  But if you train someone to do menial tasks such as your social media or data entry of your products on your website, it would free up so much more time for other big business ideas.

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