Slide1I would like to take a moment to share my Mac Cutting Boards experience with any shoppers who may not yet be convinced that this will be one of the best purchases that they will ever make. It was about a week before Christmas and our family was doing a holiday Pollyanna in a few days. I had drawn my sister-in-almost-in-law and was having a hard time coming up with a gift for her. Then it dawned on me that she operates a food blog, The Fit Baker, and that maybe her photos could use a bit of a personal touch.

IMG_5649I stumbled upon Mac Cutting Boards and was wowed by their offerings. Gorgeous, repurposed, personalized cutting boards at a reasonable price. My only hesitation was that California is typically several days shipping from the gift’s destination in Philadelphia, not to mention processing and engraving time. I called anyway to see what kind of lead time to expect and was greeted by the very helpful Josie who assured me that the board would be at her engraver that day and shipped as soon as possible. I paid for the order mid-afternoon on Monday and, against all odds, it arrived on Friday around noon. Just now I checked my PayPal account and USPS tracking to make sure I was not exaggerating. Josie herself admitted that timing is everything (she was planning on sending boards to be engraved that day) and there was probably a little luck involved, but I think that my experience shows the lengths to which Mac Cutting Boards will go to make customers happy with their purchase. By the beginning of the third week of December most retailers will not even guarantee shipping by the 25th, let alone somehow process, engrave, and ship a beautiful customized item cross-country in four days. Bravo.

4065523556 2I cannot forget to mention how stunning and professionally-made the cutting board is. The recipient was blown away by its beauty and featured it in her very next blog post to show off some spiced almonds to her loyal readers. I can say, without question, that Mac Cutting Boards helped me give the best gift I have ever given anyone.

I will definitely order from Mac again… I am hoping Josie sets aside one of their pepper mills for me, which are understandably in very high demand.

-Tom from New Jersey