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Home Run

Home Run

Selling at craft shows isn’t a guarantee that your products would sell or be “like”.  But one thing is for sure … you never know until you try.  Is it worth selling your products at craft shows.  I say YES!  It’s like baseball.  You don’t always hit a home run all the time.  But you can’t hit a home run until your up to bat each time.   The best sluggers out there in baseball averages .350.  And not all of their percentages is due to home runs!

So the next question would be is what shows should you participate in, right?  Here are a few tips for you to think about in selecting your craft shows for your products:

1.  Start small.   Most of us financially doesn’t have the resources to start spending a few hundred dollars for one show.  So look at church bazaars, neighborhood boutiques, community holiday fairs, flea markets, car shows (hey … you never know).  Spend close to nothing to start.  Build a momentum.  You’ll get the hang of it after a few shows like these.

Generation Explained

Pew Internet & American Life Project

2.  Who is your audience?  Baby boomers?  Millennials?  Generation X?  New Boomers?  I love this chart to distinguish the difference.  This you must know.  The more targeted your audience, the more focus you will be in where you choose to sell you products and/or services  for that matter.

3.  Where is your audience?  Location … location …. location.   It just doesn’t apply to real estate.

4.  Sell online.  Really.  You are missing out on an opportunity to market your business, your products to a whole set of audience that you might not have reached by going to craft shows.  It also validates you as a business to those that visit your booth.  Think of selling online as a business card or brochure at first.  Great marketing tool for exposure.

5.  When you take your next leap into craft shows that costs a few hundred dollars, think of the following:

a.  Is the show well-advertised?  These days they must be present online as well as offline.

b.  Where is the show located at?  Parking accessibility?

c.  Do they charge for people to come in?  It can be good or bad.

Mac Cutting Boards Booth

Mac Cutting Boards Booth

d.  Would other crafters you know recommend that show?  Very important.

e.  Who are the audience that typically goes to that show?  Is it right for you?

f.   Do you have a booth that represents your product and your business?

So … is it worth it?  I still say YES!  Don’t ever give up.  You’ll never know when you’ll hit that home run.

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